Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome To My Blog

I'm Dorothy Lee, part time professional photographer and full time observer of life's visual beauty. With this blog I hope to encourage others to appreciate life's visual treats and inspire others to embark on their own visual adventures. I will be showcasing some of my favorite images and will be writing about whatever aspect of photography that happens to be on my mind at the time. In addition to photos I will posting thoughts about inspiration and technique and general photography ramblings.

My way of doing things is a bit unconventional and I hope that this will encourage my readers to experiment with their own alternative methods of achieving beautifully captured images.  Please feel free to comment and share links to my blog with others. And don't forget to "friend" me on Facebook, check out my web site and ecrater store.

Thanks for viewing my blog and I hope you will enjoy my posts!
Dorothy Lee

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