Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year Old Gear…Well, Mostly Anyway

Captured with my E1, and 40-150mm lens with EX25 extension tube. Unusual lighting rendered with a battery operated colored light base (behind fairy figure) and an off camera FL36 flash.
I frequently get asked about what camera or lenses that I use. It’s a natural curiosity even amongst non photographers to know what equipment a photographer uses. Even I am curious to know what gear other photographers use, and I am not particularly gear or technology obsessed. In this post I tell you what’s in my gear bag. Most of the images posted on my web site, blog, and photo sharing sites were photographed with this equipment.

My main gear:

Olympus E1 Camera. Two of them, one of them with the optional vertical grip.

Olympus 40-150mm version 1 (Oly lenses have a 2x factor, this is an 80-300mm in 35mm equiv.)

Olympus 70-300mm

Olympus 14-54mm version 1

Lensbaby 2.0 and its macro kit

Olympus FL36 & FL50 flashes

Off camera flash cable and bracket

Olympus EX25 extension tube

Also frequently used:

Assorted Cokin & Tiffen filters

Litedisc reflector

Gary Fong Lightsphere (old version.)

Olympus SP500-uz camera

Not everything gets packed for every photo outing, but that’s the main gear I chose from when taking photos.

I considered upgrading my camera this past December. I would like a few more megapixels, mainly so that I can have more cropping options when my longest lens won’t reach when shooting birds and insects. My E1’s 5 megapixels are usually enough for me, but those extra megapixels would come in handy during those times when I have to crop an image because the bird was too far away to capture a close up with my longest lens. I would also like the lens stabilization and better high ISO performance that a new camera would offer me. I looked into getting a used or refurbished E3. The E3 was the next professional DSLR that Olympus released after the E1 and is a natural upgrade from the E1. The current model, the E5, is priced out of my price range. Since I don’t mind not having the latest camera, the E3 would suit my needs just fine. But in the long run, I decided to stick with my E1 cameras for now and make an upgrade later this year. And the bonus of waiting is that the E5 should be priced more affordably by then and perhaps may even be in my price range.

I did add a goodie to my bag though. I picked up an Olympus EX25 extension tube. Before adding this little accessory to my gear bag, I would turn to my Lensbaby and its macro kit to capture my macros. While the Lensbaby with doublet glass is sharper than I had expected, it is not as sharp as a regular lens. It’s not supposed to be. With the addition of this extension tube, I will now be able to use my regular Olympus lenses for better quality macros and close up images. And it does also work with my Lensbaby, which will be far from retired from its macro duties. I look forward to seeing how this neat little accessory will impact my photography this year.

So there you have it. Nothing too expensive or fancy in my bag. But if you have been reading my blog or viewing my photo galleries, then you know it works for me. Rather than obsessing about gear, I try to use what I already own and work on improving my photography skills. Of course, I do have 3 items on my wish list and would love to get them as soon as financially possible. But for now, am happy with my current kit and my latest purchase and will make the most of them on my 2013 photo adventures. I hope your gear makes you as happy as mine does me. Now turn off the computer, pack that gear, and get out there and use it!

Thank you for your support.

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